Core Convictions

It's Not Ok To Stay Not Ok

It’s ok to not be ok. No baggage, background, sin, habit, hang-up or circumstance can keep you from the love of Jesus. But He also loves you enough to not let you stay that way. As His followers we are certainly not perfect but we are on a steady and consistent journey to be changed to become more like Him.

It's Too Good To Keep Silent

When you get a good deal you tell all your friends. When you eat at a good restaurant or see a good movie you do the same. Jesus is the best deal going! When he changes your life, it’s impossible to keep silent! We have to tell someone and invite them to join the party!

It's Impossible To Do Alone

There’s no such thing as a Lone Ranger Christian. Just like you need a spotter in a gym in order to max out, we need people surrounding us and encouraging us so we can maximize the life Jesus has for us. If Jesus did life and ministry with people it’s impossible for us to try to go at it alone.

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It's Not About Me

What would happen if everyone lived by this one principle? It would completely change marriages, workplaces, communities, cities. It would change Monday morning traffic! Jesus was the only person that ever lived that had the right to make the world about Him, and yet He came to serve (Mark 10:45). We believe as Jesus changes our lives, He’ll give us more of His heart to serve others.

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It's Not Mine

Everything we have in our possession was given to us by God. We’re not owners of anything. How do we know that? What do you get to take with you to your grave? Nothing. So while we’re alive, we’ve been called to manage God’s resources well.

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