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Davey and Amanda Blackburn moved to Indianapolis in January of 2012 with a dream and a calling to start a life-giving church that would connect with people who normally wouldn’t connect with church. Davey spent 4 years on staff at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC under Pastor Perry Noble. Davey served as a Student Pastor, Production Director, and Associate Campus Pastor before NewSpring helped Resonate plant in 2012. From the day Resonate began, the vision of the church has been to connect people to life change and see a contagious movement of God spread throughout Indianapolis.

November 10, 2015

On November 10th, 2015 Resonate's story took a drastic turn. That morning Davey came home from the gym to discover Amanda had been shot in the head during a home invasion while their 15 month old, Weston, was in his crib upstairs. She passed away in the hospital 24 hours later. Since that day Davey, Weston, and the Resonate Church family have been walking a road they would have never chosen for themselves or anyone else.

Nothing Is Wasted

Before her death Amanda was becoming known in Indianapolis for her business of restoring old furniture and home decor. She believed nothing was wasted and anything could be restored into a treasure. Now the vision of Resonate has taken on a deeper level and reach. We now spend every waking moment following Jesus in His plan to restore this tragedy into something beautiful. We've seen hundreds of people give their lives to Jesus as their personal savior since Amanda's death. We're on a mission to turn Indianapolis upside-down for Jesus and we believe it is only just the beginning of our story. Our story is played out in the light of a greater Story – Jesus’ Story. Scripture tells us in Jesus’ story that Nothing is Wasted, even the most tragic of situations.

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