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Week 1

The Enemy Of Community

It's hard to argue that relationships with other people are an important part of life. Everything we do, every part of our lives, is made...

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Week 2

Closing The Gap

What's your relationship to authority? Maybe you have a boss you don't see eye to eye with, a parent you want to rebel against, a...

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Week 3

What's In A Name

What do you say if someone asks "Who are you?" You give them your name, right? Our names are how we identify ourselves, tell the...

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Week 4


"It's impossible to do alone." That's the whole point of this series, the truth that we want to make clear. It it absolutely vital that...

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Week 5

The Cancer Of Community

We live in a world where the statuses of the people around us are constantly in our face. Our neighbors have a nicer house, our...

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Week 6

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

We all experience hurt in relationships from both sides of the problem. We know the feeling of being hurt, and we know the feeling of...

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Week 7

Live Panel Discussion on Community

Life is better together, and sometimes so is preaching. This week, Davey brings several members of the Resonate staff on stage for a special panel...

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