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Week 1

We Cook In a Crockpot Not a Microwave

We live in a culture of instant gratification. We want what we want, and we want it now. It's easy to expect our growth to...

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Week 2

We Put the Next Generation Before the Now Generation

What does a successful life look like? If we make an impact on those around us now, is that enough? Will that last? We can...

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Week 3

We Bring the First and the Rest Is Blessed

We'd all like a "blessed" life, wouldn't we? Blessed families, blessed finances, blessed careers, the list goes on and on. There's not one area we...

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Week 4

We Will Embrace What God Has Placed in Front of Us Now

If we're honest, we probably think we know what our lives should look like. We make plans and chart out the routes to take us...

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Week 5

We Refuse To Excuse Our Excuses

It's easy to have a vision of what our lives should look like, isn't it? We can see a picture of what we want to...

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Week 6

We Use Every Talent As a Tool for Ministry

It's only natural to expect the church to build us up. That's what Sundays look like for most Christians, right? We come in to church...

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Week 7

We Act Like a Laser, Not a Flashlight

The church should have everything for everyone, right? An answer for every question, a different ministry for every group, a list of do's and don'ts...

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Week 8

We Need Your Seat

Where we sit can mean a lot. A seat can represent comfort, status, and more. As Christians, it's easy to stay in the seat we're...

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Week 9

We Create Safe Environments To Set the Stage For An Unsafe Message

The message of the Gospel isn't particularly "safe." The idea that we're all sinners, that we need God to save us, that Jesus died for...

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Week 10

We All Have A Story

Everyone loves a good story. The guy gets the girl, the knight kills the dragon, and everyone lives happily ever after. Every great story follows...

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