The Key to Public Victory

Every Christian loves great stories of God giving his people victory. Stories like Joshua conquering Jericho and every other obstacle to lead the Israelites into the promised land. We love these stories because all want that kind of victory over our own problems. But where does that victory actually come from? Is it possible that there's just one simple key to consistently winning in our lives?

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Week 1

A Gauge Not a Guide

"Just follow your heart." We've all heard it. Do what we feel, let our emotions guide us, and everything will work out, right? But does...

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Week 2

People Pleasing

It's only natural to want people to like us, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But what happens when it goes too far, when...

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Week 3

Beating Burnout

If we're honest, we've all felt burnt out in life. We've run out of gas, and it feels like we just can't go on. It's...

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Week 4


We all deal with insecurity from time to time. In the face of the future God calls us to, it's easy to focus on what...

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