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Week 1

God's Plan for Our Lives

Growing up is something that happens to all of us. Each of us begins life as an infant, and over time we become adults. Many of...

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Week 2

Come and See

New life is exciting. From newly announced pregnancies, to baby showers, to the first time new parents hold their child, we're all used to celebrating...

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Week 3

Come and Follow

Our early years are crucial in making us who we are. It's impossible to grow up without being a child along the way. In our...

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Week 4

Come and Die

The Bible has a term for the people who followed Jesus the most closely when he was on Earth. It calls them disciples. As our...

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Week 5

Go and Tell

There is a natural cycle to life. Babies grow into adults, and adults give birth to babies. As life grows, it gives birth to new...

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