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Week 1

The Vow of Priority

We've all heard the idea of "the one." Our culture, our entertainment, even our most romantic ideas tell us that person is out there. We...

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Week 2

The Vow of Pursuit

We all know the highs of a relationship. The rush of excitement that comes from just a touch. The hours spent together that fly by...

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Week 3

The Vow of Partnership

It seems pretty natural to look at marriage, or really any relationship, as a fifty-fifty agreement. It just makes sense. You do fifty percent, he...

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Week 4

The Vow of Purity

In our culture, sex is never far from anyone's mind. How could it be? The world around us is full of it. Sex sells. It...

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Week 5

Q&A Panel

Each of our romantic lives look different. We may be single, married, divorced, but none of our stories are exactly the same. With different seasons...

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