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Week 1

Dying Grace

Christians like to talk about this idea of "grace," but if we're honest, it doesn't always line up with our idea of God. Sometimes we...

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Week 2

Struggles and the Price Tag on Grace

How can a good God let bad things happen to us? If God gives us grace, why don't our lives look like it sometimes? When...

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Week 3

Gatorade and Grace

What keeps us from experiencing the grace we expect from God? If we believe that He wants to give His grace to us, then why...

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Week 4

Along the Way

What's your story? We all have a path that we've walked to get where we are now, and we'll keep walking into the future. Whether...

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Week 5

The Prison of Offense

It's easy to be offended in our world today, and often with good reason. We've all had things done to us, either intentionally or not...

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Week 6


Words have a lot of power. They can wound or they can heal, encourage or discourage, give life or take it. Like the rudder of...

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Week 7

Too Far Gone

Is there anyone in your life that you think is beyond help? It's easy to pay lip service to the idea that salvation if for...

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