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Week 1

Acts 1 - Expectation

We're all waiting on something. But how are we waiting? Are we sitting around, wishing and hoping that God will do what we want? How...

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Week 2

Backstage Access

Have you ever met someone really famous? Someone you were a huge fan of? You shake their hand, maybe get an autograph or a picture...

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Week 3

The Mission, Not a Man

Why do we do church? Have you ever thought about it? We get up on Sunday mornings and go to church, we sing and pray...

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Week 4

A Lame Man, Disappointment, and a Rawlings Big Stick

We've all probably not gotten something we really wanted. Maybe it's a job, health, a relationship, or a family. Whatever the situation, we've all felt...

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Week 5

Keep On Running

We all feel discouraged sometimes. Life can be difficult. It can feel like we're all in a race, and we're falling behind. God knows our...

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Week 6

Catch the Wave

We all want to feel refreshed. It's often one of our biggest prayers. God promises refreshment in the Bible, but the problem is that we...

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Week 7


"Safety" is something we all want. We've probably prayed for it, asking God to protect us or our loved ones. That's not a bad thing...

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Week 8

Masks and Movements

The word "hypocrite" has almost become synonymous with Christians. And why wouldn't it? Anyone who's known someone who claims to follow Jesus has probably seen...

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Week 9

Glow in the Dark

Light is perhaps the most powerful force of nature. We're drawn to it. We use it to represent goodness. We even need it to survive...

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Week 10

GLOW pt. 2

Every one of us is called to be a light in the world. As Christians, our goal should be to shine a light into the...

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Week 11

Waiting Tables

Who does the work of the church? Is it the pastor? The church staff? An elite few who are gifted and called? God doesn't just...

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